How the digital lending is being adopted by banks in 2018

In traditional lending, a risk profile assessment of the borrower’s credibility is done through a proxy. This essentially evaluates the capability and pattern of behavior of the borrower towards repayment of a debt. For people with a credit history, this is done in the form of previous debt repayment history.

Why digital lending is important in 2018?

For people who have no financial history, this can get complex. After a cumbersome data collection by the bank’s staff to assess the borrower’s disposable income, a loan is issued. A hefty interest rate is also levied for people without credit reports. Digital lending aims to create an online platform to directly originate loans to customers, as well as small to medium enterprises. This also automates some of the loan application processes through the use of electronic data, digital signature, automated underwriting and document capture.

This automation process is done through a bank developed technology, which resides on the bank’s servers itself or can be offered as a software.

Non-bank lenders have already created a market by creating and meeting various demands of borrowers that banks do not accommodate. Unusual credit profiles are evaluated and accepted. Whereas these non-bank lending systems started with the traditional and limited range of loan types for lending, they have extended services towards meeting mortgages, student loans, and even commercial real estate loans. They have also created agile, online lending solutions. This not only puts the banks at the risk of losing accounts but also put debtors at the danger of falling into debt traps and later getting exploited. Overall, this puts the entire economy at risk. To avoid this, digital lending at  is being adopted by . This range of automation has enabled the banks to be able to deliver loans quickly while maintaining the original compliance and pricing practices which is much less risk for borrowers.…

Shopping Tips

15 Ways to save hundreds on cloth shopping

Looking good, they say, is good business and in another instance, it is said that you dress the way you want to be addressed. Where these statements often take us is the point spending – and spending more and more – on clothing accessories. Nevertheless, looking good should not necessarily equate to ‘breaking the bank’; we can always attempt to save cost. That is why we shall be intimating you on 15 clever ways you can save some cash on your shopping. Here we go:

  • Avoid impulse buy. Discipline is the watchword for it keeps you from flowing along with the urge of wanting to make a buy each time you see those beautiful pieces of clothes. So, you can learn to buy when you need to – not when you want. This will help you save some bucks.
  • Feel the cash. Form a habit of paying for items with raw cash instead of credit card. The trick is that handing out the cash will serve a reality check; this would help you spend more cautiously and thereby save on your shopping.
  • Buy machine washable clothing items. Saving the cost on dry cleaning is another thing you have to consider. Hence, avoid buying clothes that can only be cleaned through dry cleaning; go for machine washable ones – or better still the ones that can be washed by hand.
  • Go through cash-back sites. You can get some percentage off your buy when you do your buying through cash-back sites. You will find a couple of them on the internet.
  • Utilize coupons: Obtaining promo codes from sites in the mold of, and the likes is another means through which you can save on your shopping.
  • Flow with the retailers’ season. On some occasions, you may just have to buy to save. Such is the case when you choose to buy when retailers are attempting to put out-of-season clothes out of stock – then it gets cheaper – with huge discount offer.
  • Think & Buy cheap. Look out for thrift stores and retail stores that sell at a cheaper price. The truth is wearing cheap clothes and even complementing such with a cheap ysl clutch doesn’t make you cheap – provided you don’t act cheap. You can be stylish and yet have good sum of money saved.
  • Do not overlook retailer’s survey. A couple of retailers offer some tokens to those who take their surveys about shopping experience. So, you can leverage on this to save some money on your shopping.
  • Don’t get so much in the trend. You do not have to always follow trends especially when you know the condition of your purse. So, ditch the trend but dress well, anyway.
  • Borrowing isn’t bad anyway. Do not let special events throw your bank account out of balance just because you want to measure up. You can borrow attire from friends or family members who have it.

Other ways include:

  • Buying second-hand clothes.
  • Ensuring that you give the clothing items [you chose to buy] a thorough check and avoid paying/buying defective and/or poor quality items from the store.
  • Set a realistic budget and stick to it.
  • Consider buying only designer outerwear [when necessary] and generic brands for basics such as pants, boxer shorts, tank tops and so on.
  • Take proper care of your clothes when you have them.

Toys and Games

Amazing DIY Toy Ideas for Teenage Boys


Granted, buying toys or gifts for teenage boys can be hard. Most times, getting cool toys for 12 year old boys can be tough. Because there are so many factors that the person gifting will consider, it ranges from price, what the teenage boy likes and how updated is the toy he’ll be buying. 


In saving you a whole lot of stress, there are amazing DIY toys that solve this problem. They could be designed in line with the teens’ taste and like, most importantly, you save cost by making them yourself.  


Numerous DIY toys ideas can be gifted to the teenagers you have. To ensure a wide array of the pick. I will be revealing a wide range of the fantastic DIY toys ideas for teenage boys.  

With these DIY toys ideas, you can deliver to them something fun and unique. Show me the kid who wouldn’t crave for that. Ready? Let’s move on!  

DIY PVC Bow And Arrow: This toy is pretty cool and unusual, in fact, it comes with step by step direction. Its no bad idea getting this for your teenage boy.  

Skateboard Sling: If the teenage boy is really in love with a skateboard, skateboard sling is the perfect match for his desire. You can make them this skateboard. 

Marshmallow Gun: This toy is a ton of fun. You could even want to design one for yourself. But anyway, the boy comes first. 

Superhero Comic Book Magnets: Some teenage boys are so obsessed with comics. This DIY toys will bring merry to their heart. Therefore, you can make them this superhero comic book magnets. I bet they’d not mind spending the whole day with it.  

Wood Hanging Note Board: This is actually for teens who are a little bit sentimental. With wood hanging note board, tricks can be played.  




‘Tips How to Decide Whether to Buy or Build a House’

If you’re planning to switch your home, chances are that you might be confused regarding whether you should buy a house or build one for yourself. We make the task easier for you by giving you important tips so that you can decide whether you should buy a house or build it. We’ll draw a comparison between both the options so that you can compare, contrast and then, choose the best option for yourself!

Factors to keep in mind while deciding whether to build or buy a house:

  • Time constraint: While building a house takes a longer time period, buying a house is a quick procedure. If you do not have much time in your hands and need to move out urgently, then it will be better for you to simply buy a house instead of building it.
  • Newness: If you are the kind of person who wants to have everything customized and as per your needs only, then building a house is a better option for you. After all, who wants to spend more on renovation than the creation of something new?
  • Up gradation costs: In case that you presently don’t have enough money to get all the things that you want in your home, you must buy a house. Buying a house will save you from the burden of up gradation costs. Up gradation, in that scenario, can wait for the time when you have adequate money to fund it.
  • Well-structured home: Sometimes the old homes are designed in a very ill fashion. Given that a well-structured home is your priority and you cannot just settle for an ill structured home, it’s better for you to build a house.

While these tips will help you in deciding whether to build a house or buy it, will assist you in getting the funds; be it for building a house or buying it!…

Digital Photo Printing

Useful tips to know before you print digital photos

Unless you are professional and passionate about photography, you like an average person will love to go clicking on your digital devices like phones, tablets and notes that have cameras on it. it is obvious that when you take a digital photograph, you are saved the trouble of retrieving it in print, storing it and also reproducing it. A digital copy can be sent to people at the stroke of a few keys.

But you may encounter a little inconvenience when you have to print or store some of your digital photographs. Fret not, this guide will tell you in brief what are the things that you must know when you want to print your photographs from the archives of your devices.

Have you heard people fuss over the pixels of their cameras on the devices? Read on!

I once tried to do it myself ambitiously when I was back from a wonderful Scandinavian adventure. When I commanded print form my laptop, my printer printed twenty photographs back to back each one soggy with ink-smudged partially and some parts of the photo not having had much exposure to the ink. In short, it was a fiasco.

I decided to get them printed outside. I fortunately came across a wonderful website called which did a plump job for me. They are still near my bedside and all around my house. Yet I wanted to learn the trick to do it right.

So I logged on to various blog sites for photo enthusiasts and learnt the tips and tricks to come out with superb pictures. But the advantage of getting them customized at zor was that while at home I could manage to print only on paper and card, these people did an awesome job of converting my pictures into showpieces by printing them on various surfaces and materials. The pricing is just right too. What more does one want, eh?!…