Day: October 10, 2018

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Surprising Ways That New Technology Will Revolutionize Shopping

The major factor contributing to the growth of online shopping over the past years could be attributed to the unique customer experience and the innovative ways to attract the customer with quality products at a competitive price point. As the online shopping experience grows, the number of in stores was constant, the street shops faced closure and the home-based small businesses witnessed an increase in its market presence.

Giving the customers a reason to purchase is what online shopping and the e-commerce industry is trying to. We all would have at least once tried to shop online, well the experience and the product delivered could be satisfactory or otherwise, the reason for us to go again in an online way is the emotion that attaches to the shopping venture. A reason to make the purchase is all about the playing with the minds of the people to impress and deliver the services.

  • retail therapy as we call it is all about not selling cheap goods at expensive rates, but moving the right kind of goods to the customer form the manufacturer and removing all the intermediaries
  • shopping experiences could be made more exciting by connecting the customers with the real content and link the customers to the product within the lifecycle with a seamless operation and then you need not look to find where to buy youtube subs for promoting your services in the online foray
  • with online stores, the need to scale down the huge physical property is reduced, thus having more time and better management with very few staffing has become reality, as we go ahead there will be a direct connection between the smartphone and the online store

Physical stores enhance a different shopping experience than an online store, at this point they both co-exists and the future could see a major shift to the online stores.…