Awesome Jackets for Chiwawa Puppy Dogs

Chiwawa is a small breed of dog just like Chihuahua. Chiwawa seems the cutest puppy ever and for this cute puppy you may want to own a jacket. Well, here are some ideas on jackets for Chiwawa puppies.

#1 These puppies are always adorable in the sweater like jackets that are made of wool and different colors. You can have the length that covers from neck to waist and not below than that.

#2 You can have a cream colored fur jacket where the fur can be attached in the collar section. The closure should be of black rounded buttons.

#3 It can be a trench coat too, and for females, the color can be red whereas for males it can be a black trench.

#4 Go with hooded dog parka that will keep it warm plus stylish.

#5 You can own a duffle coat that has a thread like closure. Make sure it is half sleeve to protect your puppy in winters. Many of you may already have planned the cozy winters for your dog but you should also check for the affordable healthy dog food and keep your pet active the whole day.

#6 An army jacket always looks cool and make your puppy looking unique and strong among others. Some badges on it make it look extra cool.

#7 Get denim jacket as per the measurements of your puppy because denim never goes out of fashion. Make sure the jacket has some inner layering of wool.

Things To Consider On Dressing Up Your Puppy-

  • Dressing him up from childhood or puppy stage is always good
  • Start with simple clothing that zero or very low weight
  • Make sure your puppy does not feel any discomfort or suffocation
  • Take care of his legs while dressing him up
  • Check his body for any rashes after you take off the clothes
  • Do not go for fixed or tight fitting clothes
  • Do not force him if he doesn’t show liking toward clothes

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