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The Ultimate Guide: How to Look Fashionable On a Budget

Use the below tips to look fashionable on a budget:

Get the perfect fitting:  Always buy clothing which looks fit.  Loose fitting dresses downgrade your look.  Even simple dresses which fit well upgrades your look.

Go in for cheaper alternatives:  Buy replicas of accessories instead of originals.  These cost lesser.  Beware of fake sites where you might lose money.  Read Maurielle’s guide and review for getting a better idea on genuine sites.  Instead of buying one genuine handbag, you can buy two replicas in different colors.  That way each day you will be carrying new accessories and make people around you admire you.

Research and buy from the best places:  When going to branded retailers, they charge you more.  You can get the same stuff online for a lesser price.  Try cloth markets where you can buy the fabric.  Get them stitched by adding trendy designs.  It works out a lot cheaper.  Buy fabrics with textures than plain looking ones.

Value addition to existing fashion goods:  Replace the metal straps of your boots.  You can polish your leather fashion accessories so that they get a new look.  Add a patchwork in a contrast color to your old cotton top.

Tricks like wearing a silk scarf go well.  If your attire is sleeveless you can wear full-length gloves to improve looks.  Similarly, leather jackets, gloves, and boots make simple dresses appear rich.   When your dress looks too simply, layer them.  Always buy clothes in a layer so that you can use them in any climate.

Color scheme:  Dress in such a way that you do not look like a clutter of accessories and clothes.  Instead, have a uniform color scheme.  While contrasting plan in such a way that one color stands out and the other color compliments.  Using this tip you would need to buy limited stuff to make you look fashionable.  Spend less on clothes and buy rich accessories.  Then you can look more fashionable in a low budget.