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15 Ways to save hundreds on cloth shopping

Looking good, they say, is good business and in another instance, it is said that you dress the way you want to be addressed. Where these statements often take us is the point spending – and spending more and more – on clothing accessories. Nevertheless, looking good should not necessarily equate to ‘breaking the bank’; we can always attempt to save cost. That is why we shall be intimating you on 15 clever ways you can save some cash on your shopping. Here we go:

  • Avoid impulse buy. Discipline is the watchword for it keeps you from flowing along with the urge of wanting to make a buy each time you see those beautiful pieces of clothes. So, you can learn to buy when you need to – not when you want. This will help you save some bucks.
  • Feel the cash. Form a habit of paying for items with raw cash instead of credit card. The trick is that handing out the cash will serve a reality check; this would help you spend more cautiously and thereby save on your shopping.
  • Buy machine washable clothing items. Saving the cost on dry cleaning is another thing you have to consider. Hence, avoid buying clothes that can only be cleaned through dry cleaning; go for machine washable ones – or better still the ones that can be washed by hand.
  • Go through cash-back sites. You can get some percentage off your buy when you do your buying through cash-back sites. You will find a couple of them on the internet.
  • Utilize coupons: Obtaining promo codes from sites in the mold of, and the likes is another means through which you can save on your shopping.
  • Flow with the retailers’ season. On some occasions, you may just have to buy to save. Such is the case when you choose to buy when retailers are attempting to put out-of-season clothes out of stock – then it gets cheaper – with huge discount offer.
  • Think & Buy cheap. Look out for thrift stores and retail stores that sell at a cheaper price. The truth is wearing cheap clothes and even complementing such with a cheap ysl clutch doesn’t make you cheap – provided you don’t act cheap. You can be stylish and yet have good sum of money saved.
  • Do not overlook retailer’s survey. A couple of retailers offer some tokens to those who take their surveys about shopping experience. So, you can leverage on this to save some money on your shopping.
  • Don’t get so much in the trend. You do not have to always follow trends especially when you know the condition of your purse. So, ditch the trend but dress well, anyway.
  • Borrowing isn’t bad anyway. Do not let special events throw your bank account out of balance just because you want to measure up. You can borrow attire from friends or family members who have it.

Other ways include:

  • Buying second-hand clothes.
  • Ensuring that you give the clothing items [you chose to buy] a thorough check and avoid paying/buying defective and/or poor quality items from the store.
  • Set a realistic budget and stick to it.
  • Consider buying only designer outerwear [when necessary] and generic brands for basics such as pants, boxer shorts, tank tops and so on.
  • Take proper care of your clothes when you have them.