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Amazing DIY Toy Ideas for Teenage Boys


Granted, buying toys or gifts for teenage boys can be hard. Most times, getting cool toys for 12 year old boys can be tough. Because there are so many factors that the person gifting will consider, it ranges from price, what the teenage boy likes and how updated is the toy he’ll be buying. 


In saving you a whole lot of stress, there are amazing DIY toys that solve this problem. They could be designed in line with the teens’ taste and like, most importantly, you save cost by making them yourself.  


Numerous DIY toys ideas can be gifted to the teenagers you have. To ensure a wide array of the pick. I will be revealing a wide range of the fantastic DIY toys ideas for teenage boys.  

With these DIY toys ideas, you can deliver to them something fun and unique. Show me the kid who wouldn’t crave for that. Ready? Let’s move on!  

DIY PVC Bow And Arrow: This toy is pretty cool and unusual, in fact, it comes with step by step direction. Its no bad idea getting this for your teenage boy.  

Skateboard Sling: If the teenage boy is really in love with a skateboard, skateboard sling is the perfect match for his desire. You can make them this skateboard. 

Marshmallow Gun: This toy is a ton of fun. You could even want to design one for yourself. But anyway, the boy comes first. 

Superhero Comic Book Magnets: Some teenage boys are so obsessed with comics. This DIY toys will bring merry to their heart. Therefore, you can make them this superhero comic book magnets. I bet they’d not mind spending the whole day with it.  

Wood Hanging Note Board: This is actually for teens who are a little bit sentimental. With wood hanging note board, tricks can be played.