Everything You Need in a Makeup Kit for Beginners in 2018

Beginners to makeup often get confused with so many products, and the different kits available, worry not as there are top beauty experts who have shared their tips to make your own makeup kit, glam it up and enjoy the party! Wasting money and time on products that come with many shades will not help, as it might just not suit the skin tone. Keep a kit that is compact and easy to carry like my favorite essential oil carrying case, all you need to know about the best makeup kit, as a new user can be compiled and referred as a DIY.

  • check the skin tone and test before using harsh chemicals, your skin could be allergic to certain chemicals used in the makeup kits a primer with sunscreen and moisturizer slathered on the face prepares the face ready for the next level of makeover and protects from strong UV rays if you are out on the sun
  • using water-based foundation or concealer to camouflage the imperfections in the skin covers the face and evens out close to the skin tone, use a shade lighter than your skin foundation to have the natural and not cakey product
  • your eyebrows need the next attention as they are the prominent part in the face defining a shape, use a dual side brush to get an even and smudge free look, applying mascara and adds a dramatic length to the eyelashes and are must to have in your kit anytime, use the waterproof ones to keep them intact in rain or sun, eyeliner gives a shape to the eyes and make them look long and seducing
  • Work on those pouts, a lip liner, and a good moisturized lip color is a must, use the one that does not smudge or leave marks on the glasses and spoons.

Use tissue wipes to remove all the makeup once you are going to bed, to let the skin breathe and recover from any harmful chemical use.