How to Host a Successful Pop-Up Shop – A Complete Guide

Give wide publicity:  Give wide advertisement and publicity in advance.  Decide the period of running the pop-up-shop and plan well in advance.  Keep the customers well informed on the dates on which you will be running the pop-up-shop.  This publicity will enable them to plan in advance.  Lack of publicity will make you lose those eager visitors.

Make sure the display go with the theme of the event:  Decorate the area in accordance with the theme/brand.  Make sure the decorations attract people more.

Conduct contests to ensure participation:  Conduct contest in the pop-up-shop to ensure participation of customers.  For examples, you can encourage instant purchase gifts, put a suggestion box, seek feedbacks/improvement ideas which can be gifted suitably.

Free gifts:  Distribute free gifts like sleekwristbands.  This will make the event memorable.

Convenient and visible location:  The pop-up shop should be in a convenient and visible location.  Ensure more people visit the shop.  Avoid narrow corners which result in overcrowding.  Ensure that the pop-up-shop area does not affect your regular business.  Also selecting an area which is out of sight will fail the very purpose of running the pop-up-shop.

Ensure the free movement of the crowd.  An easy shopping experience is all preferred and patronized by customers.

Offer snacks:  Offer free little snacks.  If the feasible free distribution of samples can be taken up.  This will help in tempting the customers to end up buying.

Partnership with brands:  Seek guidance from the brand for whom you are proposing to run the pop-up-shop.  Leading brands encourage such activities and do not mind bearing costs.  This will be added advantage since your expenses will be reduced.  You can just plan and run the shop without many difficulties.  Also, brands help even in providing decors and stalls.