The World’s Top Ten Most Expensive Marinas

When you own a boat, you need to dock it. You cannot park it in your garage or just leave it in some corner of a marina. Docking of boats is very expensive and the rates vary drastically based on the marina you dock it at.

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Here are the 10 most expensive marinas around the world, in descending order (least to most)

Yas Marina

The infamous Yas island is a place frequented by the rich. The entire island is manmade and has a number of attractions including a Formula 1 race track, theme park, hotels, and residential areas.

Port De Gustavia

Located in the capital of Saint-Barthelemy, this marina is one of the most demanded marinas in the world. Though not as expensive as some other around the world, this marina is booked completely, well in advance.

Port De Cannes

Known for the Cannes festival, this port has some of the richest and well-renowned customers docking their boats not just during the festival but at other times too. One must book months or even years in advance to get a spot during the festival.

Miami Beach Marina

Miami is world famous for its nightlife and this marina is only a short walk from the various attractions of Miami.

Port Hercule

Known as the playground of the rich and famous, this port in Monaco is home for the yachts of many rich and famous personalities from around the world.

Port De Saint Tropez

Situated in France, this port is reputed to be one of the prime tourist spots, thus attracting many boats and yachts. Being a tourist spot, this port is able to charge one of the highest fees around the world.

Ibiza Magna

Ibiza is well known for its parties and wild nightlife. this port is the home for young craft owners who are extravagant and rich. During the peak season, there is a high demand for berths even by families.

Marina De Portofino

A small city in Italy, famous for its fishing and quaint atmosphere, is preferred by many rich people around the world. Though the marina is small when compared to others in this list, it is very expensive and has enough number of boat owners, ready to pay.

Marina De Porto Cervo

Located in Sardinia, Italy, this port tends to attract the millionaires and famous Hollywood celebrities. This place is frequented by the rich crowd who want to get away from the Hollywood frenzy.

Marina Di Capri

Another port in Ibiza, Spain is the most expensive marina around the world. The waiting list goes for months and one need took well in advance to ensure they have a place to dock when they visit.